Mark U Wyse

email: wysem at cs dot washington dot edu



News Flash: As of July 2022 I have joined AMD Research full time as a MTS Silicon Design Engineer. I will be finishing my PhD while working at AMD.


Research Interests

My research interests are in the field of computer architecture and revolve around (a) cache coherence, specifically for in-order multicore processors, (b) open-source hardware design, (c) programmability in the memory system, (d) general purpose parallel computing (e.g., GPGPU-styled architectures), and (e) hardware specialization.

My current research is centered around the design and implementation of the cache coherence protocol for the open-source BlackParrot RISC-V multicore processor. I am the lead architect and developer of the cache coherence protocol and its associated programmable and fixed-function coherence engines. The design and implementation of BlackParrot is fully open-source. Accelerating the adoption of open-source hardware requires not only an open ISA, but also open-source implementations that can be easily taken from RTL to tapeout.

Aside from technical research, I am also very interested in computer engineering education and curriculum. As the underlying technology of computing systems changes, how should that change the curriculum we provide and teach? How do we design and teach courses in an equitable, inclusive, and productive (for both learner and teacher) way?

My past research has spanned a variety of topics, including data processing for novel DNA sequencing technology, modeling approximate computing techniques (see REACT), and the evaluation and comparison of a neural network accelerator on reconfigurable hardware using high level synthesis (see SNNAP).


Open-Access/Pre-Print Papers

The BlackParrot BedRock Cache Coherence System
arXiv cs.AR 2022
Mark Wyse, Daniel Petrisko, Farzam Gilani, Yuan-Mao Chueh, Paul Gao, Dai Cheol Jung, Sripathi Muralitharan, Shashank Vijay Ranga, Mark Oskin, Michael Taylor

Conference Papers

The BlackParrot Processor: An Open-Source Industrial-Strength RV64G Multicore Processor
GOMACTech 2019
Zahra Azad, Leila Delshadtehrani, Boyou Zhou, Ajay Joshi, Farzam Gilani, Katie Lim, Daniel Petrisko, Tommy Jung, Mark Wyse*, Tavio Guarino, Bandhav Veluri, Yongqin Wang, Mark Oskin, Michael Taylor
* presenter
Research citing the BlackParrot project or processor should cite our IEEE MICRO paper.
Paper (PDF), Slides (PDF)

Lost in Abstraction: Pitfalls of Analyzing GPUs at the Intermediate Language Level
HPCA 2018
Anthony Gutierrez, Bradford Beckmann, Alexandru Dutu, Joseph Gross, John Kalamatianos, Onur Kayiran, Michael Lebeane, Matthew Poremba, Brandon Potter, Sooraj Puthoor, Mark Wyse, Jieming Yin, Akshay Jain, Tim Rogers, Xianwei Zhang, and Matthew Sinclair
DOI, Paper (PDF)

Compilation and Hardware Support for Approximate Acceleration
Thierry Moreau, Adrian Sampson, Andre Baixo, Mark Wyse, Ben Ransford, Jacob Nelson, Luis Ceze, and Mark Oskin
Paper (PDF), Slides (PDF)

SNNAP: Approximate Computing on Programmable SoCs via Neural Acceleration
HPCA 2015
Thierry Moreau, Mark Wyse, Jacob Nelson, Adrian Sampson, Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, Luis Ceze, and Mark Oskin
DOI, Paper (PDF), Slides (PDF)

Journal and Magazine Articles

BlackParrot: An Agile Open-Source RISC-V Multicore for Accelerator SoCs
IEEE MICRO, Volume 40, Issue 4. May 20, 2020
Daniel Petrisko, Farzam Gilani, Mark Wyse, Dai Cheol Jung, Scott Davidson, Paul Gao, Chun Zhao, Zahra Ahzad, Sadullah Canakci, Bandhav Veluri, Tavio Guarino, Ajay Joshi, Mark Oskin, Michael Bedford Taylor
DOI, Paper (PDF)

A Taxonomy of Approximate Computing Techniques
IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, October 2017
Thierry Moreau, Joshua San Miguel, Mark Wyse, James Bornholt, Armin Alaghi, Luis Ceze, Natalie Enright Jerger, and Adrian Sampson

Workshop Papers

REACT: A Framework for Rapid Exploration of Approximate Computing Techniques
WAX 2015 (colocated with PLDI 2015)
Mark Wyse, Andre Baixo, Thierry Moreau, Bill Zorn, James Bornholt, Adrian Sampson, Luis Ceze, and Mark Oskin
Paper (PDF), Slides (PDF)

Research Reports & Theses

Understanding GPGPU Vector Register File Usage
Ph.D. Qualifying Evaluation Research Report
Mark Wyse
Paper (PDF), Slides (PDF)

Modeling Approximate Computing Techniques
MS Research Report
Mark Wyse
Paper (PDF)

A Taxonomy of Approximate Computing Techniques
UW CSE Technical Report
Thiery Moreau, Joshua San Miguel, Mark Wyse, James Bornholt, Luis Ceze, Natalie Enright Jerger, and Adrian Sampson
Paper (PDF)


CSE 351: The Hardware/Software Interface

CSE 352: Hardware Design and Implementation

CSE 369: Introduction to Digital Design

CSE 467: Advanced Digital Design

CSE 471: Computer Design and Organization

CSEP 548: Computer Architecture