I am a 4th-year Ph.D. candidate in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington – Seattle. I am advised by Shwetak Patel at UW, and also work closely with Daniel McDuff at Microsoft Research.

Before joining UW, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2018, where my advisor was Sunghoon Ivan Lee.  While at UMass Amherst, I received a 21st Century Leaders Award, Rising Researcher Award, and Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Award. 

My research interests lie in the intersection of on-device machine learning, sensing and healthcare bringing machine learning to edge and mobile devices to advance the state-of-the-art healthcare 🙂 

Contact: xliu0 at cs dot washington dot edu

! Check out our Microsoft Research Webinar about non-contact health sensing!

Updates: I will be doing a research internship at Microsoft Research AI in Summer 2021 and another research internship at Google Research Health in Fall 2021!



[15] Learning Higher-Order Dynamics in Video-Based Cardiac Measurement

Brian L. Hill, Xin Liu, Daniel McDuff

Preprint, PDF

[14] EfficientPhys: Enabling Simple, Fast and Accurate Camera-Based Vitals Measurement

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[13] Beat-to-Beat Cardiac Pulse Rate Measurement From Video

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International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC 2021)

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[10] MetaPhys: Few-Shot Adaptation for Non-Contact Physiological Measurement

Xin Liu, Ziheng Jiang, Josh Fromm, Xuhai Xu, Shwetak Patel, Daniel McDuff

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Selected Media Coverage: [UW News] [ACM TechNews Headline] [IEEE Spectrum][GeekWire]

[9] SplitSR: An End-to-End Approach to Super-Resolution on Mobile Devices

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Xin Liu, Josh Fromm, Shwetak Patel, Daniel McDuff

Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2020), PDF , CODE  (Oral, Top 1%,  105 out of 9454 Submissions)

Selected Media Coverage: [Microsoft Research Webinar], [Microsoft Research Blog], [ZdNet]

2019 & 2018

[4] A Wearable RFID System to Monitor Hand Use for Individuals with Upper Limb Paresis

Young Lee, Xin Liu, Jeremy Gummeson, Sunghoon Ivan Lee

IEEE International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (IEEE BHI’19). PDF

[3] A Novel Upper-Limb Function Measure Derived from Finger-Worn Sensor Data Collected in a Free-Living Setting

Sunghoon Ivan Lee, Xin Liu, Smita Rajan, Nathan Ramasarma, Eun Kyoung Choe, Paolo Bonato

PLoS One Journal. PDF.  SCI, IF: 2.740

[2] The Use of A Finger-Worn Accelerometer for Monitoring of Hand Use in Ambulatory Settings

Xin Liu, Smita Rajan, Nathan Ramasarma, Paolo Bonato, Sunghoon Ivan Lee

IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (J-BHI) 2019. PDF. SCI, IF: 5.223, (Cover Article Nominee)

[1] Finger-Worn Sensors for Accurate Functional Assessment of the Upper Limbs in Real-World Settings

Xin Liu, Smita Rajan, Nathan Ramasarma, Paolo Bonato, Sunghoon Ivan Lee

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC 2018). PDF

Industry Experience

Fall 2021 – Research Intern @ Google Research & Innovation (Health AI)

Topic TBD

Summer 2021 – Research Intern @ Microsoft Research

Topic TBD

Nov 2020 – June 2021 – Part-time MLSys Research Intern @ OctoML (TVM)

Accelerating Pre/Post processing for On-Device ML

Summer 2019 – Research Intern @ Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)

Developing On-Device Deep Neural Networks to Detect Blood Vessels in Portable Ultrasound Devices

Awards & Honors

■ Glerum Family Endowed Fellowship, University of Washington Seattle

(First-year fellowship for selective CS PhD Students)

21st Century Leaders Award, University of Massachusetts Amherst

(Awarded to 10 most exceptional graduating seniors (out of 5500))

Rising Researcher Award, University of Massachusetts Amherst

(The highest honor for an undergraduate researcher across the university)

Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Award, University of Massachusetts Amherst

(Awarded  to 5 most outstanding seniors in computer science each year)

■ Outstanding Undergraduate Course Assistant Award, UMass Amherst

■ NSF Student Travel Award, National Science Foundation

■ Honors College Research Assistant Fellowship Award, UMass Amherst

■ Computer Science Departmental Honors

■ University Merit Director’s Scholarship ($24000), UMass Amherst


During my undergraduate studies, I spent a huge amount of effort to push the international community to engage various leadership experiences at the university.  I was the first international peer mentor in the residential life office and the first international student consultant in the department of information and technology. I worked in six different departments during my undergrd years :p

I am also a big fan of NBA 🙂