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Yejin Choi

Associate Professor
Office: 578 Allen Center
Fax: 206-685-2969

    Mailing Address:
    Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
    University of Washington
    Box 352350
    Seattle, WA 98195-2350


- Our UW Sounding Board team is the winnner of the Alexa Prize!
- Our UW team (with Pooja, Max, Ari) won the Facebook ParlAI award!
- This year, I'm serving as an associate editor for JAIR and as a PC member for
- Named among ``IEEE AI's 10 to Watch'', selected by the IEEE Intelligent Systems once every two years.

Recent Talks:

Feb 2018 Talk at AAAI
Dec 2017 Talk at PNNL
Nov 2017 Talk at CMU, AAAI Symposium on Natural Communication for Human-Robot Collaboration
Oct 2017 Talk at TTIC, Facebook, Colorado
Sep 2017 Talk & Panel at RepEval at EMNLP 2017, Samsung AI Summit
Aug 2017 Keynote at *SEM/SemEval at ACL 2017
Jul 2017 Talk at Cornell Tech/NYU/Columbia
May 2017 Talk at Stanford Linguistics
Mar 2017 Talk at Berkeley Simons Workshop on Representation Learning
Feb 2017 Talk at Michigan, MSR
Dec 2016 Talk at ISI/USC, Amazon
Nov 2016 Talk at Harvard, Talk & Panel at Uphill Battles in NLP @ EMNLP'16, Structured Prediction for NLP @ EMNLP'16
Oct 2016 Talk at Johns Hopkins, Seoul National University, Samsung
Sep 2016 Talk at Edinburgh, Cornell, Keynote at International Natural Language Generation conference (INLG) 2016
Aug 2016 Keynote at Vision and Language Workshop (VL'16)
Jul 2016 Talk at International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) -- Early Career Spotlight Track

Research Interests:

My primary research interests are in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, with broader interests in Computer Vision and Digital Humanities.

Language and X ∈ {vision, knowledge, world, mind, society...} : Intelligent communication requires the ability to read between the lines and to reason beyond what is said explicitly. My recent research has been under two broad themes: (i) learning the contextual, grounded meaning of language from various contexts in which language is used — both physical (e.g., visual) and abstract (e.g., social, cognitive), and (ii) learning the background knowledge about how the world works, latent in large-scale multimodal data. More specifically, my research interests include:

Recent Publications (2016 - 2018):

Selected Publications (2011 - 2015):

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Recent Teaching:


Short Bio:

    Yejin Choi is an associate professor of Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, adjunct of the Linguistics department, and affiliate of the Center for Statistics and Social Sciences. Previously, she was an assistant professor at the Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Cornell University (advisor: Prof. Claire Cardie) and BS in Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University in Korea. She is a co-recepient of the Marr Prize (best paper award) at ICCV 2013 and named among IEEE AI's 10 to Watch in 2016.