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Sloop Cebollita
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The SLOOP (slüp) was a set of components designed to allow implementation of a modern version of the 6502, the processor used in one of the early Atari game stations. The SLOOP defined a RISC ISA and a set of on-the-fly translations from the original 6502 CISC ISA into SLOOP instructions. Students built SLOOP machines that successfully ran most original 6502 games. Extensions to SMOK provided specific help with SLOOP models. In particular, SMOK provided graphical output simulating the game station display, and passed through input events to the SLOOP machine. Additionally, when used with SLOOP, SMOK ran a software 6502 simulator and compared the behavior of the student's SLOOP machine against the simulator on a per-memory-operation basis. This feature simplified debugging of SLOOP machine organizations by raising an error at the earliest cycle at which the student's machine is known to deviate from correct behavior.

The SLOOP was used in an offering of CSE378 taught by Ben Dugan. This publication gives an overview of the use of the SLOOP project and SMOK in that class.

While the SLOOP was the original motivation for SMOK, it has been superceded by Cebollita, and, alas, the SLOOP is no longer.

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