Nasrine Damouche, Matthieu Martel, Pavel Panchekha, Chen Qiu, Alexander Sanchez-Stern, and Zachary Tatlock. Toward a standard benchmark format and suite for floating-point analysis. In 2016 International Workshop on Numerical Software Verification, NSV '16, 2016.

We introduce FPBench, a standard benchmark format for validation and optimization of numerical accuracy in floating-point computations. FPBench is a first step toward addressing an increasing need in our community for comparisons and combinations of tools from different application domains. To this end, FPBench provides a basic floatingpoint benchmark format and accuracy measures for comparing different tools. The FPBench format and measures allow comparing and composing different floating-point tools. We describe the FPBench format and measures and show that FPBench expresses benchmarks from recent papers in the literature, by building an initial benchmark suite drawn from these papers. We intend for FPBench to grow into a standard benchmark suite for the members of the floating-point tools research community.

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