Michael D. Ernst, Dan Grossman, Jon Jacky, Calvin Loncaric, Stuart Pernsteiner, Zachary Tatlock, Emina Torlak, and Xi Wang. Toward a dependability case language and workflow for a radiation therapy system. In 1st Summit on Advances in Programming Languages, SNAPL '15, 2015.

We present a near-future research agenda for bringing a suite of modern programming-languages verification tools—specifically interactive theorem proving, solver-aided languages, and formally defined domain-specific languages—to the development of a specific safety-critical system, a radiotherapy medical device. We sketch how we believe recent programming-languages research advances can merge with existing best practices for safety-critical systems to increase system assurance and developer productivity. We motivate hypotheses central to our agenda: That we should start with a single specific system and that we need to integrate a variety of complementary verification and synthesis tools into system development.

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