As Chief Scientist at the Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing (NIAC), I wear at least two hats: Laboratory Fellow at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Affiliate Professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. As a dual-appointee between UW and PNNL I also have the title of "UW-PNNL Distinguished Faculty Fellow." By spanning a university and a national laboratory I have the opportunity to work on basic research questions and then reduce those results to practice.

My primary research interest is High Performance Computing, interpreted broadly. The driving question behind this interest is: "How do we write software that can get the highest performance out of a computer system?" The computer system could be a laptop or it could be a leadership-class supercomputer. Getting high performance out of a program requires cooperation from the programming paradigm, the programming language, the compiler, software libraries, the runtime system, the operating system &emdash; and from the programmer.

Of particular interest throughout most of my career has been scalable graph algorithms.

I have also had a side interest in computational photography, which turned out to be surprising fruitful.

For more information on current projects, please see my research page. If any of those projects (or any other topics) seem interesting, please contact me at . I am always looking for research collaborators as well as students and post-docs.