“OneSwarm friend-to-friend P2P likely to irk Big Content, ISPs” (Ars Technica)
“Combining BitTorrent With Darknets For P2P Privacy” (Slashdot)
“Why Whack-a-Tard won't save music” (The Register)
“OneSwarm delivers new way to share files anonymously” (VentureBeat)

P4P Project

"The Internet's New Shortcut" (Forbes)
"Throttling P2P traffic is shortsighted, experts say" (
"Can P4P Solve Bandwidth Bloat?” (GIGaom)
"Comcast Does About-Face: Declares Love for P2P" (Wired)
"Share Locally, Unclog the Internet" (Chronicle of Higher Education)
"Local Sharing Saves Bandwidth on BitTorrent/P4P Tests" (Slyck News)
"The 160-mile download diet: Local file-sharing drastically cuts network load" (UW News)

Adeona Release

“New Service Tracks Missing Laptops for Free” (,
“Open Source Adeona Tracks Lost & Stolen Laptops” (Slashdot)
“Researchers Develop Free Tool to Track Stolen Laptops” (Chronicle of Higher Education)

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DMCA Study

"The Inexact Science Behind DMCA Takedown Notices" (NY Times)
“Study paints grim picture of automated P2P enforcement” (Ars Technica)
“How To Frame a Printer For Copyright Infringement” (Slashdot)
“Study Reveals Reckless Anti-Piracy Antics” (TorrentFreak)

Phalanx Project

“To defeat a malicious botnet, build a friendly one” (New Scientist)
“Recruiting Friendly Botnets To Counter Bad Botnets” (Slashdot)
“Using Good Botnets To Beat Bad Ones” (
“Good botnets to take on the bad boys” (PCPro)

Hubble System

“Black holes charted on the Internet” (MSNBC, Fox, LiveScience)
“Cyber "black holes" abound” (The Spoof!)
“Researchers map Internet's 'black holes'” (ComputerWorld)
“Researchers map Internet black holes” (Ars Technica)
“Discovering the Internet's black holes” (Boing Boing)
“Internet Black Holes” (Slashdot)
“Researchers Chart Internet's 'Black Holes'” (Wired)
“Hubble maps the changing constellation of Internet 'black holes'” (UW News)

BitTyrant Release

“Researchers Create Selfish BitTorrent Client” (Slashdot)
“BitTyrant questions assumptions about BitTorrent” (
“BitTyrant - The Selfish BitTorrent Client” (Slyck)
“BitTyrant promises faster downloads at the expense of the whole” (Ars Technica)