Amy X. Zhang
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Assistant Professor
Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington

Head of the Social Futures Lab

My research is in the field of human-computer interaction and social computing. I work on designing and building systems to improve discourse, collaboration, and understanding online, with applications to social media and online communities, news and civic engagement, education, and computer-supported cooperative work and collective action.

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Twitter: @amyxzh
Github: amyxzhang
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Latest News

Sept 2020: Started professorship at University of Washington Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering!

August 2020: Won MIT EECS George Sprowls Award for best Ph.D. thesis. Named 2020-21 Belfer Fellow by the ADL.

Sept 2019: Started postdoc at Stanford CS working with Michael Bernstein.

Aug 2019: Turned in my thesis and graduated from MIT!

May 2019: Defended my dissertation!

Oct 2018: Received CSCW Best Paper Award for paper on making sense of group chat.

July 2018: I did an interview about Squadbox on BBC TV!



Blog Posts

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