Videos of Research Overview Talks

PhD Thesis Defense

Microsoft Research Presentation

Design @ Large Seminar at UCSD

Videos of Panels and Interviews

Interview about Squadbox: What AI have MIT been creating?
BBC Click TV program

Governance Layers: Meet Community Rule and PolicyKit
RadicalxChange 2020

Panel: Information Quality: Measurement, Perception and Manipulation
Computation + Journalism 2019

Panel: Case Studies - Technology of Empowerment
Future of Speech Online 2019, Center for Democracy and Technology

Panel: Large-scale collaboration with free software
LibrePlanet 2019

Panel: Misinformation and AI, Challenges and Opportunities
International Journalism Festival 2018

Panel: Commenting & Community Engagement: New Approaches
Computation + Journalism 2017

Videos of Project-related Talks

Squadbox: Fighting harassment with friends
CivilServant Summit 2018

Wikum: Bridging Wikis and Forums with Recursive Summarization
Wikimedia Research Showcase - Sept 2016

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