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Poison Elves is a black-and-white comic by Drew Hayes, concerning the life and times of a psychopathic (yet lovable) elf named Lusiphur. Drew originally self-published the series during the early 90's under his company Mulehide Graphics. At that time, I created these pages to celebrate a comic that I thought was innovative and worth reading.

In the spring of 1995, he signed on with Sirius Entertainment, Inc., a move that increased his exposure, fanbase, and publishing rate. Over the first dozen issues, I felt that the quality of the series slowly declined, and that the elements of it that had excited me in his original work ceased to be there. Over time, this increased, and my series in the interest waned.

These pages were devoted to introducing people to his comic and maintaining information that might be of interest to fans. I no longer keep them up-to-date, but do keep them around for reference.

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Legal fine print: All images and information herein are Copyright 1991-1996 Drew Hayes. Drew was not involved in the creation of these pages other than by creating the characters and world described herein.

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