Jim's Portfolio

Aside from programming and computer-science related things, I also like to play around with creating art in my free time (and later in courses). I'm primarily interested in animation and 3D modeling. Maybe someday I'll start getting better at these...

3D Modeling

Stills and video renders of some 3D modeled scenes. Intro to 3D Modeling Course. Done in Maya.

A 3D render of a single numeric digit nixie tube on a wooden box placed on a table in a dimly lit environment. The digit 2 is illuminated. A spare tube can be seen to the left.
Nixie tube lamp device.
A 3D render of a decaying room with a sunset visible through the balcony. Wooden beams, broken ceramics and the remains of door panels litter the floor.
Decaying room in the ruins of Gunkanjima (Hashima Island). Modelled after a photo.

Hand Drawn Animation

Animations from Hand Drawn Computer Animation Course (Fall 2015). Done in TVPaint.

Animate the Internet from Jacob Rivkin on Vimeo. (0:39 - 0:59)