Moe Kayali

Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Quasi-stable Coloring for Graph Compression: Approximating Max-Flow, Linear Programs, and Centrality
    Moe Kayali, Dan Suciu
    Very Large Databases Conference (VLDB), Vancouver, 2023.
    PDF, arXiv, code package

  2. Mining Robust Default Configurations for Resource-constrained AutoML
    Moe Kayali, Chi Wang
    AutoML workshop at Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining conference (KDD), Washington DC, 2022
    PDF, arXiv, slides

  3. Demonstration of inferring causality from relational databases with CaRL
    Moe Kayali, Babak Salimi, and Dan Suciu
    Very Large Databases Conference (VLDB), Tokyo, 2022.
    PDF, video

  4. Causal relational learning
    Babak Salimi, Harsh Parikh, Moe Kayali, Lise Getoor, Sudeepa Roy, and Dan Suciu
    Special Interest Group on Management of Data Conference (SIGMOD), Portland, 2020.
    PDF, arXiv, dataset