ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Intermediate Representations (IR '95)

January 22, 1995, San Francisco, California
Held in conjunction with POPL '95

An intermediate representation is the basis of any tool for manipulating computer programs. A good representation permits powerful operations to be performed more simply, and may enable operations that a weaker representation cannot support. This workshop will examine current trends and research in the design and use of intermediate representations.

Submissions are invited for this workshop; the range of topics includes

The call for papers is also available in PostScript format.

Program Committee

POPL General Chair


Authors should submit 9 copies of a detailed summary not to exceed 5000 words (approximately 10 pages) to the program chair by September 30, 1994. Excessively long submissions may not be fully reviewed. Electronic submission of portable PostScript is also permitted. The cover page should include a return postal address and an electronic mail address (if possible). The research should not be submitted or published elsewhere. Follow the same guidelines as for writing summaries for the POPL conference. More information is available by anonymous FTP from directory

Electronic submission of portable PostScript is permitted. Submissions may be emailed or, preferably, made available for ftp by the program chair. All authors will receive confirmation of receipt of their submissions.

Authors will be notified of paper acceptance by November 30, 1994. Final versions of accepted papers are due on January 6, 1995. A proceedings containing the accepted papers will be distributed at the workshop.

Send correspondence to:

Michael Ernst
IR '95
1 Microsoft Way, Bldg 9S/1
Redmond, WA 98052