Chinmay Nirkhe

Research Staff Scientist
IBM Quantum, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Hello, I am currently a research staff scientist with IBM Quantum in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My research interests are in theoretical computer science centered around quantum information and hardness of approximation. Recently, I've been thinking about the quantum PCP conjecture and the description complexity of quantum states.

In Autumn 2024, I will be joining the CS department (Allen School) at the University of Washington as an assistant professor! Please apply to the Allen School graduate program if you are interested in being advised by me and send me an email at the UW address listed below.

Previously, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Berkeley in 2022 and my B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Caltech in 2017. I am originally from the greater Seattle area, having gone to primary and secondary school in Sammamish and Seattle. I am elated to be returning to the Pacific Northwest.

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Simons Institute Summer 2023 Cluster Co-organizer.
QIP 2023, AQIS 2023, and QIP 2024 Program Committees.