Reshabh K Sharma

I am a first year PhD student at Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering . I am advised by Dan Grossman.
In the past, I have work on GPU compilers for AI and HPC workloads at AMD. I worked on improving the memory safety of heterogeneous programs running on AMDGPU by extending LLVM Sanitizers, specifically Address Sanitizer for GPU. My research interests are in compilers for heterogeneous architectures, auto-generation of compilers, static analysis and program, synthesis.
I've also worked with Professor Uday Khedker at IIT Bombay on creating better abstractions for writing points-to analysis over LLVM IR.

Sep'21 Started my PhD at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.
Feb'21 I'll be talking about adding hierarchal bias in automated testing techniques to find bugs due to the interaction between compiler analyses at the LLVM Performance workshop at CGO'21.
Apr'20 Will be presenting a poster about the ripple effect an analysis can have on its dependent analysis. See you at the Euro LLVM developers' meeting!
Nov'19 Bootstraped LLVM Social Bangalore, the first LLVM Social in India! Please join the meetup group to get updates about the upcoming events!
Aug'19 Joined AMD to work on GPU compilers!
Aug'19 Successfully completed GSoC with the FOSSi Foundation, checkout my work report at the FOSSi blog!