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zutil.c File Reference

#include "zutil.h"

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struct  internal_state


void exit OF ((int))
const char *ZEXPORT zlibVersion ()
const char *ZEXPORT zError (err) int err
void free OF ((voidpf ptr))
voidpf zcalloc (opaque, items, size) voidpf opaque


const char * z_errmsg [10]
const Bytefsource
uInt len
const Bytefs2
unsigned items
unsigned size
voidpf ptr

Function Documentation

void free OF (voidpf ptr  

void exit OF (int)   

const char* ZEXPORT zError err   

voidpf zcalloc opaque   ,
items   ,

const char* ZEXPORT zlibVersion  

Definition at line 29 of file zutil.c.

00030 {
00031     return ZLIB_VERSION;
00032 }

Variable Documentation

unsigned items

Definition at line 210 of file zutil.c.

uInt len

Definition at line 87 of file zutil.c.

voidpf ptr

Definition at line 219 of file zutil.c.

const Bytef* s2

Definition at line 74 of file zutil.c.

unsigned size

Definition at line 211 of file zutil.c.

const Bytef* source

Definition at line 63 of file zutil.c.

const char* z_errmsg[10]

Initial value:

"need dictionary",     
"stream end",          
"file error",          
"stream error",        
"data error",          
"insufficient memory", 
"buffer error",        
"incompatible version",

Definition at line 16 of file zutil.c.

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