Short Bio

I obtained my bachelor degree from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2015. Currently I am a PhD candidate at University of Washington under Prof. Dieter Fox. My interests are in Vision and Robotics.

Pre-PhD Research Projects

Most of the projects have a seperated web page showing more details (demo, images, videos, etc.). Enjoy!

Looking Glass (Ongoing)

Augmented reality (AR) systems currently overlay information based on location and general compass orientation. However, interacting virtually with such information in the environment through AR is still in its infancy. With the proliferation of mobile phones and wearables, we foresee applications that will adopt AR as one of their key modes for user interactions.

The key challenge to enable human-object interaction is how to reliably detect and localize an object, which requires instance-level recognition. Existing image-classification techniques have limited usage because they cannot generalize to new classes and they are not able to distinguish between two objects of the same class.

I am currently developing new techniques that enable users to "tag" an object and later retrieve such object in a new image.

Here is a demo on how it works. Note that this is only for demonstrative purpose. I am improving the underlying detection algorithm to make it work more robustly in the wild.


SkyStitch is a multi-UAV based video surveillance system. Compared with a traditional video surveillance system that captures videos with a single camera, SkyStitch removes the constraints of field of view and resolution by deploying multiple UAVs to cover the target area. Videos captured from all UAVs are streamed to the ground station, which are stitched together to provide a panoramic view of the area in real time.

This is the biggest project I have ever accomplished. It consists of 16k lines of high-optimized code running on hetrogeneous processors (x86 & ARM CPU, desktop & mobile GPU, microcontroller on the flight controller, etc.). Moreover, there is tons of mechanical work to do. We built 4 generations of prototypes and had to deal with numerous number of crashes.

More information can be found on the project webpage.

Other Projects

Robotic Segway

This robotic segway is capable of balancing with two wheels. It can be controlled wirelessly from a PC or by a PS3 game controller. I started this project back in 2011 when I was in my first year. I built everything from scratch, including all the machining work (My father lent me a hand).

The experience has been very rewarding. The state estmation algorithm inspired me to adopt it for homography estimation in my SkyStitch project.

More information can be found on the project webpage


Hedgewars JS

Web technology has been advancing rapidly in recent years and there is a concern of porting existing native applications to browsers to attract more users and reduce development cost. This project ports a Pascal game Hedgewars ( into web browser. I worked on a parser to convert Pascal source code into C and then used Emscripten to translate C into JavaScript. Finally, a cross-compilation toolchain is developed to make the process as easy as doing a native build.

There are many interesting aspects in this project, including how to convert Pascal source code into C and how to make it compatible with WebGL and non-blocking IO. I wrote a report to discuss some related technical details.

Below is a link to the live demo of the cross compiled game. However, since this project was done back in 2012 and some javascript APIs have already changed, you need to download an old Firefox or Chrome browser to run it.

Firefox 17.0:


[Full paper] Xiangyun Meng, Wei Wang, and Ben Leong, "SkyStitch: a Cooperative Multi-UAV-based Realtime Video Surveillance System with Stitching" . Proceedings of the ACM Multimedia Conference 2015 (ACMMM 2015), Brisbane, Australia. Oct 2015.