About me

I am a Research Associate in the SAMPA Lab at the University of Washington working with Luis Ceze. I received my PhD from University of Michigan, where I worked with John P. Hayes. I received my Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering (2006) and my Master's degree in computer engineering (2009) from University of Tehran, where I worked with Zain Navabi.

About my research

My general research interest lies in the intersection of computer architecture, digital circuits, and mathematics. I am currently building systems for real-time virtual reality video generation. I am also developing new computation methods for unreliable beyond-CMOS tecnologies.

Some of my previous research topics:
- Stochastic computing
- Reliable Network on chip (NoC) design
- FPGA testing
- NoC testing
- Artificial neural networks
- Asynchronous circuits
- Multi-valued logic  


My Erdős number is 3. (Armin Alaghi <--> John P. Hayes <--> Frank Harary <--> Paul Erdős)

Last update: May 2017