About me

I am a research associate in the SAMPA Lab at the University of Washington working with Luis Ceze. I received my PhD from University of Michigan, where I worked with John P. Hayes. I received my Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering (2006) and my Master's degree in computer engineering (2009) from University of Tehran, where I worked with Zain Navabi. I was also the instructor in charge of the Logic Synthesis and Optimization course (EECS478, Winter 2014) at the University of Michigan.

About my research

My general research interest lies in the intersection of computer architecture, digital circuits, and mathematics. Some of my previous research topics:
- Stochastic computing
- Reliable Network on chip (NoC) design
- FPGA testing
- NoC testing
- Artificial neural networks
- Asynchronous circuits
- Multi-valued logic  


- Sep. 2015 I joined the SAMPA Lab at the University of Washington.

- Jul. 2015 I successfully defended my dissertation and received my PhD degree from University of Michigan.



My Erdős number is 3. (Armin Alaghi <--> John P. Hayes <--> Frank Harary <--> Paul Erdős)

Last update: November 2015