IR '95 workshop presentations

The IR '95 workshop will be held on Sunday, January 22, 1995, in San Francisco. At the workshop, you will be allotted 20 minutes to present your work. There will be a short period for questions following your presentation, and after each group of papers, there will be time for group discussion on any of the papers or the topics common to them.

Since presentations must be brief, we strongly recommend that you carefully prepare your presentation so as to make most effective use of the time. A clear, compelling, and complete summary of your paper will be more effective than a technically detailed talk that can be only half-completed in the time allowed! Concentrate on what is unique or unexpected about your research, and what lessons others can take away from it. You may assume that your audience has an interest in, and some experience with, intermediate representations, but do not pitch your talk only at those already familiar with your topic; it should be comprehensible at some level to everybody in the audience.

For these reasons, it is not unusual for the format of the presented talk to differ form that of the paper. The talk should compel the interested listener to read the paper. The language for this conference is English, and it is recommended that the speaker for your paper practice sufficiently to produce an audible, clear talk. Two overhead projectors will be available; any other audio/visual equipment needs must be made clear to the conference chair (Michael Ernst) a month before the conference.

Also see the suggestions for camera-ready workshop papers.

Michael Ernst