CS Graduate Student @ The University of Washington

Email: mrsalehi [AT] cs (dot) washington (dot) edu

I am a first year PhD student in computer science at the The University of Washington, where I work with Hannaneh Hajishirzi and Ali Farhadi. My research spans natural language processing and computer vision. Prior to UW, I received my B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Sharif University of Technology. I publish under my full name Mohammadreza, and go by Reza among my friends.

Academic Publications

MERLOT Reserve: Multimodal Neural Script Knowledge through Vision and Language and Sound
Rowan Zellers, Jiasen Lu, Ximing Lu, Youngjae Yu, Yanpeng Zhao, Mohammadreza Salehi, Aditya Kusupati, Jack Hessel, Ali Farhadi, Yejin Choi
CVPR 2022 (Oral)  
Paper / Website

We introduce MERLOT Reserve, which learns about YouTube videos through all their modalities (audio, vision, and text). Learning from audio helps broadly -- even on single-image tasks like VCR. Our model learns state-of-the-art representations, that also transfer well to video-based tasks in a zero-shot setting.

Paraphrase Generation by Learning How to Edit from Samples
Amirhossein Kazemnejad, Mohammadreza Salehi, Mahdieh Soleymani Baghshah
ACL 2020  
ACL Anothology / Video

Paraphrase generation by retrieving similar paraphrase pairs from a pre-existing corpus and editing them using multi-head attention mechanism.


  • I am a passionate athlete where I run, bike, kayak, hike, or go bouldering semi-regularly. Feel free to follow me on Strava!
  • My favorite book genre is self-help. You can find my gooodreads account here.
  • I occasionally write blog posts on Medium.