I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Washington, advised by Luis Ceze and Mark Oskin.

My research interests are in new computer architecture and systems for virtual reality and other emerging graphics workloads. In the past, I have designed hardware accelerators for VR video processing, near-data similarity search, and low-power computer vision.

Before grad school, I studied computer engineering and English literature at Columbia University.

More information: curriculum vitae, blog, email, etc.

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I gave talks about Vignette at a number of fun venues: UCSC, !!con West (video), the UW Photomedia graduate seminar, GOMACTech, and Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop. Thank you to everyone for hosting me!
April 2019
I completed another great internship on the Graphics team at Facebook Reality Lab.
December 2018
LightDB, a database management system for VR video content, will appear at VLDB 2018. Check it out here!
June 2018

Papers & Preprints

Visual Road: A Video Data Management Benchmark.
Brandon Haynes, Amrita Mazumdar, Magda Balazinska, Luis Ceze, Alvin Cheung.
To appear in SIGMOD (2019).

Vignette: Perceptual Compression for Video Storage and Processing Systems.
Amrita Mazumdar, Brandon Haynes, Magda Balazinska, Luis Ceze, Alvin Cheung, Mark Oskin.
arXiv:1902.01372 (2019).

LightDB: A DBMS for Virtual Reality.
Brandon Haynes, Amrita Mazumdar, Armin Alaghi, Magda Balazinska, Luis Ceze, Alvin Cheung.
In VLDB (2018).
paper (pdf), bibtex, code (github)

Application Codesign of Near-Data Processing for Similarity Search.
Vincent T. Lee, Amrita Mazumdar, Carlo C. Del Mundo, Armin Alaghi, Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin.
In IPDPS (2018).
paper (pdf), bibtex

Exploring Computation-Communication Tradeoffs in Camera Systems.
Amrita Mazumdar, Armin Alaghi, Thierry Moreau, Sung Min Kim, Meghan Cowan, Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin, Visvesh Sathe.
In IISWC (2017).
paper (pdf), slides (pdf), bibtex

A Hardware-Friendly Bilateral Solver for Real-Time Virtual Reality Video.
Amrita Mazumdar, Armin Alaghi, Jonathan T. Barron, David Gallup, Luis Ceze, Mark Oskin, Steven M. Seitz.
In HPG (2017).
paper (pdf), slides (pdf), bibtex, code (github), blog post

Principles and Techniques of Schlieren Imaging Systems.
Amrita Mazumdar.
In Columbia University Computer Science Technical Reports (2013). , bibtex