CS 425/525: Distributed Systems

Instructor: Arvind Krishnamurthy

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Material for Recent/Upcoming Lectures

Wed (12/3), Fri (12/5): Overlay networks
  • A case for end-system multicast by Chu et al.
  • Scalable application layer multicast by Bannerjee et al.
  • Fri (11/21), Mon(12/1): Secure routing
  • Ariadne -- secure routing paper by Hu et al.
  • Securing ad hoc routing protocols by Zapata and Asokan.
  • Wed (11/19): Security
  • Security flaws in TCP/IP
  • Note on syn-cookies.
  • Note on DDoS.
  • Article on Reflecting DDoS attacks.
  • Practical network support for IP traceback by Savage et al.
  • Mon (11/17): Reliability
  • Towards continuous availibility of internet services by Bowen et al.
  • Wed (11/12), Fri (11/14): Secure routing, security of TCP/IP
  • Highly secure and efficient routing by Avramopoulos et al.
  • Security flaws in TCP/IP
  • Fri (11/7), Mon (11/10): Fischer-Lynch-Patterson Impossibility and Paxos consensus
  • Paxos-simple and Paxos
  • Wed (11/5): More Consensus and FLP result
  • Impossibility of consensus by Fischer et al.
  • Wed (10/29), Fri (10/31), Mon (11/1): Consensus and agreement
  • Material from Attiya-Welch, Coulouris et al.
  • Wed (10/22), Fri (10/24), Mon (10/27): Logical clocks, cuts, snapshots
  • Consistent global states of distributed systems by Bobaoglu and Marzullo.
  • Friday (10/10): Ad-hoc routing
  • A highly adaptive distributed routing algorithm for mobile wireless networks by Park and Corson.
  • Wednesday (10/8): Ad-hoc routing
  • Performance comparison of multi-hop wireless ad-hoc network routing protocols by Broch et al.
  • Monday (10/6): BGP Routing, Stability
  • Stable Paths Problem and Interdomain Routing by Griffin et al.
  • Policy disputes in path vector protocols by Griffin et al.
  • Friday (10/3): Selfish routing (guest lecture by Prof. Yang)
  • On Selfish Routing in Internet-Like Environments by Qiu et al.
  • Wednesday (10/1): Routing
  • BGP Notes from MIT Course H. Balakrishnan.
  • Monday (9/29): Skip Graphs
  • Skip graphs, J. Aspnes and G. Shah.
  • Friday (9/26): Tapestry
  • Tapestry: an infrastructure for fault-tolerant wide-area location and routing, B. Zhao, J. Kubiatowicz, and A. Joseph.
  • Pastry: Scalable, distributed object location and routing for large-scale peer-to-peer systems, Antony Rowston and Peter Druschel.
  • Wednesday (9/24): CAN
  • A Scalable Content-Addressable Network by Sylvia Ratnasamy et al.
  • Monday (9/22): Freenet and Chord
  • The small-world phenomenon: An algorithmic perspective by Kleinberg
  • Navigation in a Small World by Kleinberg
  • Could it be a Big World After All? The `Six Degrees of Separation' Myth by J. Klienfeld
  • Using the Small-World Model to Improve Freenet Performance by Zhang et al.
  • Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Protocol for Internet Applications, By Stoica et al.
  • Friday (9/19): Peer-to-peer file sharing
  • What is P2P and what isn't
  • Gnutella spec
  • Freenet: A Distributed Anonymous Information Storage and Retrieval System, I. Clarke, O. Sandberg, B. Wiley, and T. W. Hong.
  • Wed (9/3) -- Wed (9/17): Basic distributed algorithms
  • Basic message passing algorithms, leader election, randomized leader election: material from Attiya and Welch, chapters 2 and 3.
  • Minimimum spanning tree algorithm by Gallager et al, handouts from Nancy Lynch.
  • Mutual exclusion in shared memory systems: material from Attiya and Welch, chapter 4.