Computational Illusion Knitting

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DeltaLCA: Comparative Life-Cycle Assessment for Electronics Design

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Zero-shot CAD Program Re-Parameterization for Interactive Manipulation

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Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA, 2023
How Can Large Language Models Help Humans in Design and Manufacturing?

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Toward Sub-gram Helicopters: Designing a Miniaturized Flybar for Passive Stability

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International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2023
B-rep Matching for Collaborating Across CAD Systems

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Generative Design of Sheet Metal Structures

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ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH) 2023
A Lineage-Based Referencing DSL for Computer-Aided Design

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Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI), 2023
Self-Supervised Representation Learning for CAD

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IEEE / CVF Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR) , 2023
Neurosymbolic Models for Computer Graphics

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Mates2Motion: Learning How Mechanical CAD Assemblies Work

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Computational Design of Passive Grippers

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Differentiable 3D CAD Programs for Bidirectional Editing

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Co-Optimization of Design and Fabrication Plans for Carpentry

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Computational Design of Knit Templates

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AutoMate: A Dataset and Learning Approach for Automatic Mating of CAD Assemblies

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Robotic Jigsaw: A Non-Holonomic Cutting Robot and Path Planning Algorithm

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Pareto Gamuts: Exploring Optimal Designs Across Varying Contexts

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VDAC: Volume Decompose-and-Carve for Subtractive Manufacturing

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Carpentry Compiler

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Computational Fabrication

W. Matusik and A. Schulz

SIGGRAPH 2019 Courses
Learning To Fly: Computational Controller Design For Hybrid UAVs With Reinforcement Learning

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InverseCSG: Automatic Conversion of 3D Models to CSG Trees

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PhD Thesis: Computational Design for the Next Manufacturing Revolution

A. Schulz, Advisor: Wojciech Matusik

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018
Interactive Exploration of Design Trade-Offs

A. Schulz, H. Wang., E. Grinspun, J. Solomon, W. Matusik

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Carpentry for Mass Customization

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(*equal contribution)

International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2018
Interactive Robogami

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(*equal contribution)

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Interactive Design Space Exploration and Optimization for CAD Models

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Retrieval on Parametric Shape Collections

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(presented at SIGGRAPH 2017)
Computational Multicopter Design

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Design and Fabrication by Example

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ChoreoGraphics: An Authoring Tool for Dance Shows

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Compressive Sensing (Course and Book)

A. Schulz, E. da Silva, L. Velho

27th Brazilian Mathematics Colloquium, IMPA, 2009
Mathematical Publications Collection, IMPA, 2010 – Second Edition
On The Empirical Rate-Distortion Performance of Compressive Sensing

A. Schulz, L. Velho, E. da Silva

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2009


Fall 2019: Computational Fabrication (CSE 556)
Spring 2019: Reseach Seminar: Geometry Processing (CSE 590-K)
Winter 2019: Special Topics in Computational Fabrication (CSE 599-J1)
Fall 2018: Computational Fabrication (CSE 556)


Haisen Zhao (Postdoc)
Ben Jones (PhD Student)
James Nockel (PhD Student, co-advised with Brian Curless )
Yuxuan Mei (PhD Student)
Dalton Hildreth (PhD Student, co-advised with Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman )
Amy Zhu (PhD Student, co-advised with Zachary Tatlock )
Dan Cascaval (PhD Student, co-advised with Rastislav Bodik )

Chenming Wu (visting PhD Student from Tsinghua University)


I received my Ph.D. degree in June 2018 from the Computer Science Department at MIT, where I was advised by Professor Wojciech Matusik. During my PhD, I spent time at Columbia University working with Professor Eitan Grinspun, and, at MIT, I also worked closely with Daniela Rus, developing computational tools for robot design. Before starting my PhD, I obtained a Master's in Mathematics from IMPA, where I worked with Professor Luiz Velho and a Bachelor in Electronics Engineering from UFRJ, where I worked with Professor Eduardo da Silva.

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