James R. Lee

James R. Lee

Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Washington

Paul G. Allen Center, Room 640
jrl [at] cs [dot] washington [dot] edu

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Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington
AC 101, Box 352350
Seattle, WA 98195

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Melody Kadenko
melody [at] cs [dot] washington [dot] edu

Research interests:
Algorithms and complexity theory. Geometry and analysis at the interface between the continuous and discrete. Probability, spectral graph theory, and metric geometry.

I am currently organizing the Simons Institue program on Algorithmic Spectral Graph Theory.

Recently, I was on the program committees for SODA 2014, ICALP 2014, and FOCS 2014.

Winter 2015: Randomized algorithms

Talks and events:

My research has been generously supported by the National Science Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, Microsoft, and the Simons Institute.