Shyam Gollakota ( Also go by as Shyamnath Gollakota )
Thomas J. Cable Endowed Professor
Paul G. Allen School of CSE
Director of Mobile Intelligence Lab
Room 568, Paul G. Allen Center
University of Washington
Box 352350, Seattle, WA 98195

My group is highly inter-disciplinary spanning computer scientists, electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineers and we closely work with biologists and physicians. We are driven by our curiosity to explore science and technology and to tackle hard technical and societal problems. We work across machine learning, signal processing and hardware to build intelligent systems that previously were not thought possible. My group has made multiple inventions including battery-free computers that float in the wind, ambient backscatter, Wi-Fi gestures, battery-free phones, active sonar on smart devices, Internet of bio-inspired and biological things, and created various computing tools for medical diagnostics like contactless breathing and heart rhythm monitoring, blood clot and ear infection testing using smartphones and new-born hearing screening using earbuds.

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