Rahul Nadkarni


I am a second-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, advised by Emily Fox and a member of the MODE Lab. My research interests are in statistical machine learning applied to scientific data, particularly in neuroscience.
I did my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, where I completed a double-major in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Bioengineering. My undergraduate research was in the Brain-Machine Interface Systems Lab, advised by Jose Carmena.

Email: rahuln <at> cs <dot> washington <dot> edu
LinkedIn: rahulsnadkarni
Github: rahuln



Nicholas J. Foti, Rahul Nadkarni, Adrian KC Lee, Emily B. Fox. "Sparse plus low-rank graphical models of time series for functional connectivity in MEG". 2nd KDD Workshop on Mining and Learning from Time Series (2016) PDF


Autumn 2015 Statistical Inference (STAT 512)
Winter 2016 Graphical Models (CSE 515), Natural Language Processing (CSE 517)
Spring 2016 Machine Learning for Big Data (CSE 547)
Autumn 2016 Convex Optimization (EE 578), Databases (CSE 544)
Winter 2017 Computational Neuroscience (CSE 528), Algorithms (CSE 521)


Autumn 2015 Data Structures and Algorithms (CSE 373)
Winter 2016 Data Structures and Algorithms (CSE 373)
Spring 2016 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CSE 415)