Vikram Iyer
185 Stevens Way, AE100R Campus Box 352500
Paul G. Allen Center, ECE Dept.
Seattle, WA 98195-2500

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I am an assistant professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering My work takes an interdisciplinary approach to connect ideas between different engineering domains and biology to build end-to-end wireless systems that push the boundaries of technology with particular focus on size, weight, and power. This includes technologies for ultra-low power communication using backscatter, insect-scale wireless robots, battery-free sensors, as well as cameras and sensors small enough to ride on the back of live insects like beetles and bumblebees. In 2020 I worked closely with the Washington Department of Agriculture to wirelessly track the invasive "murder" hornets, which resulted in the destruction of the first nest in the US (featured on Discovery). My work has been recognized by a Microsoft Research Fellowship, the Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar award, a AAAS member spotlight, Geekwire's Innovation of the Year Award, and best paper awards.

My research interests are broad and am currently exploring technologies for use in wildlife tracking and conservation, microrobots, and medical devices. I'm also interested in developing novel bio-integrated sensors and building computing platforms with sustainable materials.

I'm looking for students, you're interested please reach out!

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Masters Students
Nishant Elkunchwar
Yash Talwekar
Suvesha Chandrasekaran

Kyle Johnson (now at UW CSE for PhD)
Vicente Arroyos (now at UW CSE for PhD)
Hans Gaensbauer
Alaa Sleek
Jose Jaime (now at Sound Life Sciences)
Ian Culhane (now at MRV Systems)
Ryan Feng (now at University of Michigan, Ph.D.)